Dynamic Database

The Dynamic Database service offers customers virtual Oracle databases with storage, virtual networks and firewalls for a variety of different applications. This service comprises the operation and maintenance of the databases and the corresponding virtual servers as well as data storage and backup services (Storage and Backup-Restore) within the Swisscom data centres.

The Dynamic Database service is characterised by the following features:

  • Automatic provisioning of Oracle databases (schema ready)
  • Automatic expansion or reduction of resources
  • High level of flexibility and scalability
  • High level of service availability
  • Oracle High Availability option via Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)
  • Disaster Recovery option, standby database with Oracle Data Guard at a second location
  • Usage-based billing on a daily basis
  • Provision of licences for the Oracle database and requests submitted by Swisscom to Oracle
  • All services are provided in Swisscom data centres in Switzerland. Operation is guaranteed by Swisscom employees in Switzerland.
  • The customer can furnish the licence if needed.

Dynamic Database create 1) Click on Create Dynamic Database to create a new instance for details refer to the next chapter

2) Click on Oracle CSI to manage your CSI for details refer to 2.5.6 Add, Modify and Delete Oracle CSI

3) Click on Technical customer contact to manage your contacts for details please refer to 2.5.5 Add, Modify and Delete technical customer contact

4) Click on the pencil icon to modify a Dynamic Database instance. To display information about your instance click on the icon "i". If you want to delete an instance click on the icon "x".

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